I have experience working with all kinds of hardware and software: eyetrackers (Tobii, GazePoint, Pupil Labs), motion trackers (markered: OptoTrak and OptiTrack, or markerless solutions), and microcontrollers / SBCs (Arduino, and Raspberry Pis).

I typically work in MATLAB, Python, and C#.

Basically: if you have a piece of tech in the lab that you need help with, send me a message.

This is a non-exhaustive list of some the example projects I’ve developed:
– synchronization software for simultaneous motion capture and eyetracking data collection
– data parsing of proprietary binary data files (e.g. some eyetracker outputs)
– analysis scripts for multimodal (or monomodal) data collection
– data cleaning & filtering scripts (Python / MATLAB)

If any of that sounds like it would be useful to you or your lab, please reach out to me! My rate is $75 CAD per hr, but I can also do a project rate.

scottallanstone [at]