Hidden Methods 2022 Conference

An unwritten part of graduate school is the amount of time spent learning things that don’t really fit into a curriculum. Maybe you spent a month learning how to program in a new language, or how to use a new piece of hardware and deployed it in an experiment. An unfortunate reality is that most of this learning doesn’t get acknowledged by anyone except yourself (and maybe your supervisor). Spending a decent amount of time on a project, analysis method, program, or protocol just to have it end up compressed into a single line in a manuscript doesn’t reflect the amount of work you put into it, and that sucks.

The Hidden Methods Conference is a trainee-led one-day virtual symposium that gives you an opportunity to expand on the skills developed and knowledge gained that you never had a chance to talk about. In short, you can turn that line in a paper into a line on your CV.

The format will be 10 minute talks (plus 2 minutes for questions). There may or may not be a keynote speaker.

When is it?
– April 27th, 2022. It will run from 10AM–⁠3 PM (MST).
Where is it?
– On Airmeet. A link will be sent out closer to the start date of the conference.
How do I submit?
– Click on the Registration button above. A scientific committee will look over the abstracts (max ~250 word limit) and give a thumbs up or down (mostly thumbs up) a little bit later. We’ll let you know when we’ve made a decision.
How much does it cost to submit / attend?
– It’s free! In fact we’re going to give some cool prizes to the best talk(s).
I’m not sure if my research / my talk fits in
– If it’s something you’ve worked on for a long time and you feel passionate enough to talk about it, absolutely feel free to submit! We want people who are excited to tell everyone about something new that they’ve learned. If you’re really unsure, email me or DM me on Twitter and I’ll be the ultimate arbiter of truth.
Social media?
– There’s a Twitter account, because why not. It’ll have all of the latest updates.
But what about…
– If you have more questions, send me an email and maybe I’ll add it here.